Monday, 27 October 2008

6th Annual Canada Salsa Congress Friday Performance Lineup

From Friday night - here are the Salsa dance performers by order of appearance.

Steps Dance Company from Toronto

Oscar & Vanesa from Toronto

Los Salsomanos Semi-Pro Team from Toronto

Rhythmic Fire Jrs from Toronto

Salsa on Clave from Montreal

Ibirocay & Marina from Sweden


Salsa Fanatics from Ottawa

Mambo Mosaic from Toronto

Latin Energy from Toronto

Salsa Rica from Calgary

Manuel dos Santos from Toronto

Gordon & Julissa from Altanta

Young Blood from Puerto Rico

San Tropez from Montreal


To be continued.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Ladies Night

The opening night of the Canada Salsa Congress did not just have the Canadian Salsa Championships, it also had salsa dance performance groups from Toronto and Ottawa.

Performances included:
Go Dance Mambo Burlesque Group led by Stephanie Gurnon AKA SalsaSteph from Toronto

Salsa Fanatics Amateur Group from Ottawa

City Dance Corps Student Group from Toronto

Mambo Mosaic Ladies from Toronto

Social dancing lasted till 2AM @ Level Nightclub on 102 Peter St.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

2nd Annual Canadian Salsa Championships

How time flies! This past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and that can only mean one thing for the Salsa dance scene in Toronto - the Salsa Congress comes to town.

Thursday night was the Pre-party and also the 2nd Annual Canadian Salsa Championships. This competition had four division last year.

1) On1 Couples
2) On2 Couples
3) On1 Group
4) On2 Group

But this year there were only competitions for two divisions (On1 & On2 couples).


The Canadian Salsa Championship is an official qualifying competition for the World Salsa Championships held in Disney World, Florida.

The winners for the on1 division were Kelly and Eric from Calgary who in addition to performing and teaching also play host to the Calgary Salsa Congress out in western Canada.

The winners for the on2 division were Victor and Katia from Montreal who also perform and have their own dance school.

A great show was put on by all the competitors.
Evan & Kim (on1 competitors)

Paul and Karina(on2 competitors)

Danilo & Esther (on2 competitors)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the House!

This past Friday, I heard that there was going to be a performance by a 2 guy Salsa group @ Acrobat. I haven’t seen too many 2 guy groups in Toronto and with the Salsa Congress so close – it’s rare to see any performances. Most groups are saving up their routines for the congress.

I had a preview of their performance from a video from an Ottawa showing earlier and I was impressed.

The salsa group is made up of Ian and Kelly but also known as Lucky Spin and Manuel. Here are some pics from their performance.


Here is a video from that Ottawa performance – this is not my video but something found on youtube.

They sold me on their Rush Hour routine.