Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Red Carpet Gala - 2011

Last year on May 8 - the 1st annual Red Carpet Gala was put on by the Cadence Dance Academy at 99 Sudbury (Liberty Village). This event was a major success and the second annual show is scheduled for May 21, 2011 - the May 2-4 weekend - the Victoria Day long weekend. Tickets can be ordered here.

I had posted some photos up previously but it seems that I had missed some performance photos.

Here were some of the great performances from 2010:

DJ Gio & Paula

Angus & Jennifer

Jose & Caryl

Andrea & Clifton


New Skin


Victor and Katia

And lots of prizes and giveaways

I expect the 2011 event will be bigger and crazier than last year.

Additional photos from the event can be seen at this site. The photos can also be licensed for personal use - starting at just $3 a photo - printing options also available at the site.

If you have photographic needs at your next event - please contact me for a quote - photos @ svphotography . ca (please remove the spaces before e-mailing).

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Studing under a Hasselblad Master - Joao Carlos

And now back to some people photography. I know that my last 3 postings have been about wildlife and not people photography – although some can argue that some people in the dance scene live a wildlife :-). Sometimes I just need a little break from the usual assignments and do some personal stuff to keep my photography skills up to date.

I am a firm believer in education – I believe that even teachers need training and updating - everyone has something to learn – so I signed up for a fashion photography workshop with a Hasselblad Master – Joao Carlos. Joao is a commercial and fashion photographer currently based in New York but who seems to be traveling all over the world these days. The workshop was a 3 day workshop covering all things related to fashion photography. Great creative people were on hand to help create beautiful setups on all 3 days, there were at least 3 different models on hand on each day to photography.

I am still going through all the images but here are some quick picks from the 3 days.

Model: Alayna Kellett
Stylist: Sarah Kates
Make-up: Olivia Ha


Model: Kayla
Stylist: Sarah Kates
Make-up: Irene Sy
Hair: Robert Novello


City slickers go looking for wildlife - Part III

I just got back from the sunny south - Punta Cana for a destination wedding photoshoot but at the resort where we stayed they had a bunch of wildlife on site.

These animals had become socialized to humans and people were feeding them bread and french it wasn't too hard to get close to them.

Here are some of the wildlife images I managed to captured between the wedding photos :-)