Studing under a Hasselblad Master - Joao Carlos

And now back to some people photography. I know that my last 3 postings have been about wildlife and not people photography – although some can argue that some people in the dance scene live a wildlife :-). Sometimes I just need a little break from the usual assignments and do some personal stuff to keep my photography skills up to date.

I am a firm believer in education – I believe that even teachers need training and updating - everyone has something to learn – so I signed up for a fashion photography workshop with a Hasselblad Master – Joao Carlos. Joao is a commercial and fashion photographer currently based in New York but who seems to be traveling all over the world these days. The workshop was a 3 day workshop covering all things related to fashion photography. Great creative people were on hand to help create beautiful setups on all 3 days, there were at least 3 different models on hand on each day to photography.

I am still going through all the images but here are some quick picks from the 3 days.

Model: Alayna Kellett
Stylist: Sarah Kates
Make-up: Olivia Ha


Model: Kayla
Stylist: Sarah Kates
Make-up: Irene Sy
Hair: Robert Novello



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