Where do I sign up?

How cool would it be to be one of the testers of a new camera not yet released to the public? Where do I sign up?

Today the Nikon D90 is released to the public. A 12.3 MP, 4.5 fps, 3" LCD camera. This model is the replacement model for the D80 and like the D80 that shared the same sensor as the D200, the D90 shares the same sensor as the D300.

The big news is that it has a video mode on it, the first DSLR with video mode - gives users the choice of inter-changable lens for video. But no auto-focus - not sure how that is going to work out shooting live video with no AF.

It appears that Nikon is moving away from CCD to CMOS sensors - harder to design but cheaper to build. From the video below it appears that Nikon's Achilles’s heel has been fixed (noisy high ISO photos). Can the D90 really match the D3's high ISO performance? Someone send me a D90 and I will compare it for you :-)

Speaking of comparisons, Canon released their 50D - 15.5 MP, 6.3 FPS, 3" LCD camera on the same day as well.

Cannot wait for the head to head comparisons and the flame wars to start on the forums. I have too much invested in lenses to switch brands but its always interested to note what's on the other side.

Another Javis Chase production:


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