Inspired by Nick Turpin

April 11, 2009

The Holy Grail of cameras is one that has a F1.2 lens, zooms from 18-300mm, shoots from iso 100-64000 without noise and can fit inside a shirt pocket. I know - physically impossible. However, I have found that the Panasonic LX3 gets me a step closer on my quest for the perfect camera.

I have been swapping back and fore between my trusty DSLR and P&S cameras for clubs because I want to get back dancing again. The latest experiment is the LX3, small enought to just fit in my pant pockets and has a fast lens but it doesn't have a long lens or great high ISO performance. However, it does have a flash hot shoe and watching Nick's video gave me an idea I tried out on Sat.

Nick Turpin street portraits for Menshealth from Nick Turpin on Vimeo.

DJ Geronimo hosted a Mambo Dance Wear April Party at Dovercourt house on Sat. night. For this event, I got the LX3 with my old SB-24 flash mounted on a monopod, flash was trigger by radio signal via the camera hot shoe. I of course couldn't afford 2 assistants holding 2 lights as Nick does in his video and I didn't have a snoot on my flash so I used the zoom setting on the SB-24. Below are some samples from the experiment.

DJ Geronimo


It's hard to aim the camera and the flash on a monopod at the same time - sometimes the aim is off on one of them...


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