Winter City 2009

Jan 31, 2009

Every year in Jan, the city of Toronto kicks off their WinterCity Festival - it also marks the start of the Winterlicious restaurant event.

To launch the festival, there is always a big Spectacle show at Nathan Philips Square on Fri. & Sat nights. This year it was Pi-Leau by Close-Act a Dutch street theatre troupe.

From the Toronto web site:
"Pi-Leau is a story of forbidden love that combines theatre, music, fire, dance and incredible props.

Dazzling mermaids frolic and swim, unaware of the imminent danger of melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and the flooding of all land. Hearty fishermen struggle to survive on the sea and often resort to hostile acts. The story’s hero, the last of the peaceful fishermen, discovers the mermaid’s secret world and falls in love with the beautiful Sirene. He must decide whether to stay close to his new love, or return to the surface in order to save Sirene and the sea, never to see the mermaids again."





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