Winter Salsa Carnival

March 12-15, 2009

The 4th annual Winter Salsa Carnival - 2 days of workshops and 4 nights of performances and partying. This year marked the return to a theatre venue. Some of you may remember that the 1st Carnival was held at the Capital Event Theatre. This year the theatre selected was the Betty Oliphant Theatre.


Shooting with theatre lighting is great - if you can get the colour balance correct and ignore your camera metering. I have found once the shows start - going full manual exposure is the way to go for me. If you can afford the time to post process - go RAW as well.

Lots of cameras at the Pre-party!

Friday's Tech Rehearsal - Saltimambo

In the dressing room - Deniz and Anya from Los Salsomanos Dance Team

From Friday's show - Leon & Noemie from UK and Paris

From Sat's show - Vanessa & Francis

From Sunday's show & party - Victor & Katia.


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