Waste of a street closure

July 17, 2009

Just for Laughs makes it way to Toronto for its 3rd year. I believe that last year's show started after Montreal's ended. So the same crew and events from Montreal performs in Toronto for the free street festival.

Yonge street - one of the busiest streets in Toronto was closed for the festival. Last year - it was worth it.

The green bug - from 2008

The dueling drummers - from 2008


Fireworks - from 2008

This year we get:
2009 - Guys with Balloons...

Don't know if the lack of the big parade is because of the Toronto City Workers Strike or because the crew is still in Montreal due to the concurrent festival dates...

But what a waste of a street closure - why close down Yonge Street if there is not going to be a big parade. Big disappointment for me this year - especially after the great shows from last year.


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