City slickers go looking for wildlife - Part II

This is part II of my series on wild life photography by a city slicker. If you read the wild life photography books – you are supposed to hide and observe the animals in their nature habitat for hours on end to get to know their habits and rhythms. But I am a city slicker – so I know next to nothing about building blinds and camping out in nature – so I cheated and headed out to the Muskoka wildlife centre. I prepared myself for this trip by going to the Toronto zoo as described in part I of my City slickers go looking for wildlife entry.

The centre is a interactive wildlife sanctuary open to the public and runs special photography tours on requests. So, I herded up 3 friends and my wife up to the centre for an afternoon of animal photography. Dale from the centre took great care of us and we all had a great time. Below are some images from my camera from this trip.

Montana the Gray Wolf & Akayla the Gray Wolf

Yeti the Canada Lynx


Kokanee the Cougar (or Mountain Lion)

Thorondor the Bald Eagle

Luna the Saw-whet Owl

Renard the Red Fox


  1. It is a great opportunity to take photography on the request. Toronto Zoo is very beautiful place where animals are safe. Everybody should go there.


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