Toronto Kite Flyers Club returns to the Granite Golf Club

So I played a little hooky today from the usual Sunday chores and client work I was supposed to be doing and headed out to support my kiting friends at the Toronto Kite Flyers club. I dusted off one of my kites and headed off to the Granite Golf Club to fill the skies with our kites.

The Granite Golf Club is a beautiful private club located in Stouffville, Ontario. Its very close to the Heritage train which runs out of Stouffville.

Last year for their 10th anniversary, the kite club was invited to provide a kiting backdrop in the skies to their event. They liked us enough to ask us back this year. Some images of last year's event can be found here

As the winds were not co-operating with my flying skills, I got out my camera to capture a few moments:

The 3 man Rev team paints the sky blue and green

The Flowforms are large inflatable kites that are frame-less and are great lifters but you have to start them off by filling the cells with air first.

Once air born - their long tails fills the sky.

Mr & Mrs bubbles also made an appearance near the end of the day.

The kids were well entertained

And of course, the winds picked up as the event comes to a close.

If you would like to license any of the photos from this event or if you are in need of an outdoor event photographer in the Toronto or GTA area - please feel free to contact me for rates (photos @ svphotography . ca - please remove the spaces before sending e-mail).

Addition images from this event can be seen here.


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