Leica S2 spotted in the wild!

I have never seen a Leica S2 taken outside of a studio environment. Its not that they are not made for it but I am guessing because they are so expensive - no one wants to risk taking them outside.

I caught this image during the Canadian International Air Show over the Labour day weekend in Ontario Place. The gentleman was climbing on some rocks in the Lake to get a better vantage point of the planes. He didn't seem to have much fear. I didn't get to speak to him because he was so far out by the rocks.

It appears that he has the 70mm lenses on the body - which approximately corresponds to a 56mm lens in 35mm format due to the larger sensor used in the S2 compared to 35mm cameras. With 37.5 Mega Pixel files to work with, I am sure there was lots of room to crop his images.

I feel like starting a game like the Punch Buggy game but for Leica cameras...Punch Black Lecia S2 on the right - no punch backs!


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