Love Letters Opening Night

Wednesday night was opening night of Love Letters - a tri-production dance show by Pastel Supernova Enterprises, Vanessa Young & Karen Brar.

The show is described as "A Cabaret experience exploring decadence, romance & seducation", "a multidisciplinary cabaret show inspired by the 1940s and old Hollywood"

The cast members are:
Pastel Supernova
KJ McKnight
Kasia Rheann
Tamara Bally
Kate Knox
Brittany-Brie D’Amico
Camille Dziewurski
Stephanie Guest
Aidan Morris
Josh Nitkin
Bunny Angora
Fionna Flauntit

I was able to capture some images from the premiere show. If you missed tonight's show there are two more shows tomorrow evening (Feb. 9, 2012) at Lula Lounge.


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