2012 Canada Salsa Congress

This is the 10th year of the Canada Salsa Congress produced by Jennifer Aucoin. This is my 8th year at the Congress as I had to check my collection of photos from past congresses. Images from 7 of those 8 years are available at the following link.

In their own words, here is what the congress is about:

"The Canada Salsa Congress is the largest salsa dance festival ever staged in Canada and is an annual event which celebrates the diverse and creative talents of salsa dancers coming together from across the country and all over the world. This premier 4 day event provides a forum to showcase Canadian talent as well as to expose the Canadian dance scene to some of the most innovative and inspirational instructors and performers from around the world."

The party started off with the DanceFeet Canadian Salsa Championships & DanceFeet/CSC Salsa, Bachata & Hustle Competition 2012 - showcase divisions.

Here is a slideshow from the competition:
Additional photos will be made available in the following weeks. Again, to see all of the images as they become available, check back to this link.


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