6th Annual Talent Defined

June 26, 2010

Back to the regular programming - I have been a little behind in posting new dance stuff. This show was produced by City Dance Corps of Toronto. Every year, they put on a showcase of dance companies and choreographers mainly from Toronto. The location was the Al Green Theatre on 750 Spadina Ave.

Here is a sample of some of the acts you missed if you were not at the show! Mark you calendar for next year's show in June - 2011.

LR Productions: Spiderwoman's Web

Danse Lemieux Dance: Monster

Jeff Wong: The Next Day

Tina Nicolaidis: Power Play

iFreestyle Dancers Pro Team: La Voz

Skindivers Dance Company: Trotzdem

CDC Contemporary Student Performance Group: Bad Body Double

Shavar Blackwood: Water Runs Dry

Gadfly Dance Co: Heard You Say


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