2011 Toronto Scotiabank BuskerFest

This year marks the 12th year that Buskerfest has been coming to Toronto. I noticed that this year the event footprint has expanded all the way to Yonge Street on Front Street where last year it ended at Church street. It has also grown by an extra day to make it a 4 day festival.

This event is held at the heart of the St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood and is in support of Epilepsy Toronto.

I managed to catch the Fireshow on Friday night and here are some of the images I got:

Close-Act makes a return to Toronto from the Netherlands, bringing with them - XL Insects. Here they are attacking Elvis.

Mayor Rob Ford showed up to give a speech and to light a fire for Jack Layton

Pancho Libre from Mexico

Pyromancer from Netherlands

The Red Trouser from USA

The Fireguy from Toronto

FlameOz from Australia and UK

The Pogo Dude

Addition images available for licensed use or print purchase here

The festival runs until Sunday night. Hope you catch some of the acts before the show closes.


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