Canada Day - Waterloo

I haven't been out to the Waterloo Canada Day Kite fly in a couple of years but this year, I convinced my wife to make at outing of it.

The University of Waterloo puts on a huge party every year on Canada Day and everyone is invited - no admission fees. I understand that this was the 27th annual event.

The Wind Climbers Kite Club gets an invitation to put on a flying show in the back field. Carlos the President of the Wind Climbers is always nice enough to invite the Toronto kite club to attend with them.

As you can see the winds were not co-operating with us that day.

Beautiful clouds.

No wind = great ballooning weather.

No sure where the balloon came from - but we could have used their air blower.

Even the traction kite had trouble flying.

Kite buggy was having some power troubles without the wind.



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