Canon 5D MKII

Well the Canon 5D MkII is finally released. For the full specs, go here

From reading the forums, you see people complaining about the camera construction and AF of the camera – how it should have more focus points and faster AF, how it should have full weather seals, how it only has 3.6 FPS, how it doesn’t have 100% viewfinder, how the shutter life is only rated at 150K frames, etc.

If you look at the request, Canon already makes that camera – it’s a 1Ds MkIII. I guess the real request is, can you lower the price of the 1Ds MkIII from $8K to $2.5K?

Hindsight being 20/20 – the specs from the 5D were not unexpected 

Look at the original 5D when it came out, it had Canon’s second highest rated MP sensor when it came out, it was fitted to an advance-consumer class body. Priced at less than half the price of the flag ship 1Ds MkII at that time.

Look at the 5D MkII – it has Canon’s highest rated MP sensor and is fitted to a 40D/50D class body. Priced at less than half the price of the flagship 1Ds MkIII.

The idea of the 5D class camera reminds me of the old Hot rods or the Muscle cars made by the American car manufacturers. Take an inexpensive platform / body – put in the biggest engine / sensor that will fit in that platform / body – price it not at the top end but in the middle. The MkII just follows the original formula; hence it’s a 5D MkII and not a 7D.


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