Shooting the Galas at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

The press conferences where I have been practicing my trade as a Paparazzi are now over. Feeling like an addict looking for a new fix – I head on over to Roy Thomson Hall for the Gala of "The Lucky Ones". I had some advanced intelligence and tips from a fellow photographer who told me to head south for a good vintage spot.

However, as soon as I got there, I forgot everything I was told – like a man dying of thirst, I take the first available spot and set up. I think I was under the mistaken impression that the stars would pose in front of the banner for the nice fans and that I could peak into the media tent from where I was.
(Here are some non-stars standing in front of the media tent - unfortunately, none of the stars stood there like this)

The stars arrive and here is what happens:
(That's Tim Robbins back as he faces the photographers)

Tim Robins and Rachel McAdams stop in front for the press photographers as they exit the limos and the crowd moves forward - blocking any view I have of the stars.

If I get lucky, the stars may stop on the red carpet and pose for some pictures and I will get their backside.
Here is a shot of a model that I do not have the name of. Or she could be a news journalists posing as a star. If anyone knows her name, please send to me or leave a comment please.

Due to luck and not any planning on my part – I did manage to get some shots of Rachel McAdams

Moral of the story, always scout out the location first before settling on a vintage point and don’t forget tips from your fellow photographers!


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