BBQ & Pool Party

With some new gear and new found confidence on some theoretical techniques I had in my head – I signed up for the Creative Image Studios BBQ & Pool party. Unlike the Lighten up and shoot workshop, this was a pure shooting event, no theory or teaching going on here – every photographer for themselves, we shot in groups of 3 photographers to 1 model.

I teamed up with Mark and Daniel, guys from Photo-G-raffic who I had met at the Lighten Up and Shoot workshop so we knew each other already. We also had similar gear so we just ended up using his flashes and his 28” Apollo Westcott softbox.

Here are the results from the shoot:

Tara MM# 1121034, MUA – Kayla MM#1800849

Christy MM# 630085, MUA – Kayla MM# 1800849

Kristina MM# 710315, MUA – Kayla MM# 1800849

Andree MM# 870638, MUA – Kayla MM# 1800849


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