The Office

Workshops and shooting events are great but there comes a time when you need to create something of your own. Plus I don’t like being in situations like these:

This is a common occurrence at a lot of workshop or events I have been to. They all end up like that at some point as the organizers lose control or just give up and it becomes a free for all.

You can get that type of action at TIFF or any public event with stars around Toronto these days.
That's George Clooney from the 2009 TIFF.

I am debating if I want to chase the stars this year or not but that is another story for another time :-)

But back to my shoot - I set out to create an editorial style shoot in an office environment and asked a couple of models and friends to help out.

This would be the third time that I have worked with Megan and Angela from Absynthetika designs – they make custom corsets for man and woman.

Colleen (MM# 1567052) from ClockworkZero Accessories provided the bling for the shoot and acted as my lighting assistant.

Kayla (MM# 1800849) kindly came out on her birthday to do the make-up.

The models in the shoot were Dan, Inga (MM# 813962) and Natalie (MM# 1786883)


Dan & Inga

Natalie & Inga showing off the corsets

Natalie cutting Dan’s tie off

Inga relaxing in the office

Natalie & Dan leaving the office

The lighting gear used is something new for me, to get this effect, I usually rely on Monolights with softboxes and grids but following the LightUpandShoot mind set, I ended up using SB lights with the Westcott Apollo 28" softbox and the Lastolite Ezybox 24". These are softboxes designed for small flashes. I can get that thin of depth of field look again.


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