Super car - super model

I don't usually post videos made by others but I found this one interesting. Its a BTS video of the making an ad for the Lexus LFA super car in the Sports Illustrated 2011 Swim Suit edition. The photographer was Yu Tsai

Its way beyond what I can accomplish with the resources I have at this time. Super car - no, Super model - no, hangar space - no, professional driver - no, lighting crew - no. But I found the final image interesting. You can see it at time scale 1:57 of the video.

I looked at the final ad image and its a great image but clearly its a composite image done in Photoshop, the original photo was taken inside a hangar and the final image has a cloudy sky. So, if you are going to put a composite sky in the final image, why didn't you composite the car or model into the final image? I wonder how much insurance they had to paid to have Rianne ten Haken stand there while the LFA is drifting around her, not to mention renting a Hangar that ultimately didn't get shown. Why go to all that trouble and photoshop the sky in? I know that the Lexus theme for their LFA ads are called "The Hard Way" but it kind of spoils it when you all out to get the shot as real as possible but end up with a photoshopped composite sky...things that make me go hmmmm.


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